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The top 5 voters of the month receive $20 webshop vouchers.

Let's start off by announcing the top Factions in the Winter season!
  1. Deathwish ( Worth $139,908,236 )
  2. Ligma ( Worth $40,350,708 )
  3. UwU ( Worth $29,662,760 )
  4. BobRoss ( Worth $25,778,822 )
  5. Rain ( Worth $24,226,568 )

This season of Factions brings a lot of big changes to the server!

We have attempted to improve various different aspects of gameplay including grinding and enchanting but also revamped and rebalanced a lot of existing content whilst also fixing a lot of issues, bugs and glitches.

Spring Season Rewards
Some more terms and rules will be posted on our website soon for this tournament.
  1. $100 PAYPAL or $125 GIFTCARD
  2. $75 PAYPAL or $100 GIFTCARD
  3. $50 PAYPAL or $75 GIFTCARD
  4. $50 GIFTCARD
  5. $25 GIFTCARD

Here is a list of the biggest changes and at the bottom of the post a list of other (smaller) changes.

The enchanting system on Factions is something completely new and refreshing. I will try my best to explain it as simply as I can and you can explore it more by playing on the server.

There are over 150 types of enchants in this new system so there is a lot to explore.

Purchasing and applying enchantments
You can obtain custom enchantments by purchasing them from the enchanter (at /warp enchant), you will receive a random enchantment book of any of the following types, depending on which one you buy: Simple, Unique, Elite, Ultimate, Legendary or Heroic.

An enchantment book has a percentage chance to succesfully apply on your item, or DESTROY your item (unless protected with a White Scroll). You can increase the chances of succesfully applying an enchantment (up to 100%) by using Magic Dust.

Magic dusts & other items
You may obtain these new...
Hi everyone!

This post will be mainly targeted towards the most competitive groups of players on Becto but may also be informative for other players.

After posting the news post yesterday we received many messages from players who weren't sure about the entire situation, I would like to take this opportunity to explain more about the situation.

The Purge, why cancel it?!
While I can understand that many players did enjoy playing in the event, you may also know that many issues occurred during these events. We have definitely considered still carrying on with The Purge this season but due to the fact that we can't promise it to go on without any bugs/issues or huge lag spikes. So we have decided to cancel this tradition for this season to make room for something new in the future.

We WILL have an event that replaces The Purge, but one that is more fair and allows for better gameplay. More information on that will follow later this season.

No Purge means no competitivity and no reward for being at the top!
This is something that I overlooked during the initial news post yesterday. I agree that removing the purge also removed a lot of competitivity and also an end-goal for players to look forward to.

This is why we will be offering FTOP rewards for the current season...
Only the LEADERS of Factions will receive rewards and it is up to them to distribute them to their members. (We are not responsible for Faction leaders not sharing any rewards)
The TOP 5 Factions in FTOP will receive the following rewards:
  1. $150 Store Giftcard
  2. $100 Store Giftcard
  3. $75 Store Giftcard
  4. $50 Store Giftcard
  5. $25 Store Giftcard

What about the next season? Will it be...
Hi all!

The winter season on Factions is about to come to an end and it will make place for the spring season!

The upcoming season will have some fundamental changes to Factions in an attempt to solve long overdue issues. I'm not spoiling anything yet until the reset except for these keywords: Grinding, Enchanting, PVP Arena, Armour sets. You will find another news post just before the release which includes all information... look out for that.

We will not end this season with the event that many of you may know called "The Purge".
This is simply due to the fact that we can not guarantee the event to go on without any bugs/glitches/lag or endless final fights (that last hours). Especially given the amount of players active on Becto right now. It just wouldn't provide the experience we are looking to give our players.

The reset is scheduled to happen upcoming wednesday (the 8th of April) around 5:00 PM GMT+2 (Amsterdam timezone) (

Thanks everyone for voting this month!
Here are the vote contest winners of this month.

The winners have received 2000 gems that can be used to redeem a $20.00 gift-card using the /rewards menu, gift-cards can be used until the balance on them reaches $0.00.

:mc1: HIGHCALIBER 153 votes
:mc2: JamesSPACE 143 votes
:mc3: Yaqoob9999 142 votes
:mc4: 7fishy7 140 votes
:mc5: Kill4ura_ 133 votes

It is time to announce a new building competition!
This time the theme of the competition will be... PARADISE
You may build anything that you think fits the theme. (Please do follow our rules, though)

You may submit your plot on the Creative server until April 25, after which we will close the competition and decide on the winners.

The winners will be rewarded with the following prizes
  1. $100 Store Gift-Card
  2. $75 Store Gift-Card
  3. $50 Store Gift-Card
  4. $25 Store Gift-Card
  5. $10 Store Gift-Card

Wish to take part in this competition? Learn how to submit your plot below.
  1. Be sure that you finished your build because you wont be able to edit it until the ending date.
  2. Stand inside of the plot and type /competition submit
  3. Done! You have submitted your plot and locked it until the ending date of the competition.
You can only submit your plot ONCE for this competition and once submitted, you will not be able to adjust it.

Good luck to everyone participating in the competition!