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Karaoke Night - The Conclusion

Thank you everyone who participated in our first Discord event! There were many amazing performers tonight. On our Discord, we conducted a poll to see which song was performed the best, and here are the results!

  • First Place: Lithide - Magical Fajito (Original Song by Jacob)
  • Second Place: Jedz & Family - Mamma Mia Abba
  • Third Place: Harpsiacord - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Fourth Place: _Boogie & TKRoyal - Lucid Dreams
  • Fifth Place: Vindigo - Can't Help Falling in Love
The players who've won have been credited their respective amount of gems in-game.

How was the event everyone? Was it fun? Is this something we want to do again in the future? What other suggestions do you have for Discord events? Please leave your feedback below!
Karaoke Night (Discord)

Hello everyone, we will be hosting our first Discord event: a Karaoke night! You'll finally be able to show off and flex your singing abilities in front of a large group of people you don't know!

This event will be hosted on our server Discord ( and will take place on Friday November 30th, at 5pm MST and will continue until nobody else wants to sing. (Use Google if this isn't your time zone!)

The people who will be supervising this event are: @Felicette @Lucas S. @TKRoyal232 and @Jedz.

If this event goes well, we may have another one. Let's make it as fun as possible!

Here is the link to sign up: Click here

Here are some rules of the event:

• Swearing should remain at a minimum, and offensive, sexual, controversial, and overall inappropriate content will not be permitted.

• You wouldn't scream into the microphone at a concert, and you shouldn't here either.

• You can perform with a group! Be creative with it if you decide to go that route.

• Do what the supervisors tell you to do, they are there for a reason.​

An event channel will be opened in the Discord at the time of the event so you'll be able to see everything that's going on. Let's have fun everyone!


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The seventh building competition is starting.
This time the theme is... CHRISTMAS!

Want to participate?

Build your submission on a plot on the CREATIVE server.

To submit your build, stand on your plot and type /competition submit.

Keep in mind, you can only submit your plot ONCE for this competition- only submit it if you're completely satisfied with it. You will not be able to adjust your plot until the competition is over, if you've submitted it.​

The competition is open until the 23rd of December (which means the 23rd is the last day to submit your build before it closes) and the winners will be announced on the 25th of December.

Here are the prizes we will be awarding:

First place: $100
Second place: $75
Third place: $50
Fourth place: $25
Fifth place: $10

Keep in mind that these prizes will be rewarded in the form of gems that you can redeem for web-store gift cards. You can check your gems using /gems and redeem them using /rewards.

Good luck to everyone participating in the competition!

Thanks everyone for voting this month!
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