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Here are the vote contest winners of this month.

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:mc1: househipster 178 votes
:mc2: TheeSplashar 171 votes
:mc3: KingLowland 169 votes
:mc4: MeneerPrut 165 votes
:mc5: Brict 164 votes

Here's just a quick overview of the changes that happened on Factions.
More information on the Antidote enchantment can be found at

A lot of these changes are taken from player suggestions, make sure to post your suggestions at we look through all of them!

The Antidote enchantment update sparked a lot of conversation, everyone had different opinions about the topic but there was one clear message: it had to be adjusted because the negative enchantments on swords become completely useless when fighting a player who has armour with the antidote enchantment.

First of all I would like to thank everyone for posting their feedback on the forums. We read all of it and try to find solutions that work the best for everyone, keep posting ideas and discussing changes and we will make sure to look at all the options we have.

Now here is what we changed in a quick overview:
  • Antidote now goes up to level 4
  • Every level of antidote gives a higher chance to prevent negative effects (see spoiler below)
  • You can only enchant a chestplate with antidote
  • Prices have been adjusted
    • Level 1: 1600 tokens
    • Level 2: 3200 tokens
    • Level 3: 6400 tokens
    • Level 4: 12800 tokens
We will not reveal the exact changes for it to proc, but you can see an example of the levels in these GIFs below. Level 4 does not mean you are 100% immune to all negative effects.

Each hit you receive from another player, it has a chance to proc the antidote effect.
Sword used

If you have already enchanted items with antidote 1 for a price of 15000 tokens, we can remove it off your item for you and refund you 15000 tokens. Unfortunately we are not able to automatically do this as enchantments are not logged.
Just message an admin or above or tag them with @Admin in the #support channel on our Discord server....

We have implemented a new type of enchantment on the server today called Antidote.
It is already active on Factions and will be active on other servers as well soon after.

The enchantment costs 15.000 tokens and allows you to negate any negative effects caused by other players with potions or swords, you only have to enchant one armour piece for it to take effect.

When you have an item equipped with the antidote enchantment it will negate all the following effects:
It will also be added to god sets on the webshop.

This month was the time for the Factions rework. Yes, it happened :-D I am going to start off by congratulating Jetpuffed on winning the Purge event and thank you to every one else who took part!

Factions update
:diamond: Bucky the Nether boss - A new boss was added to the Nether world. Its name is Bucky and this boss is designed to be much harder than the Reaper. Bucky will change forms as his health gets lower. As his health gets lower he also gets harder. He will also spawn magma eaters that will eat up your potion effects when they damage you. Keep in mind that PVP is enabled in the Nether!
:diamond: Enchants removed from /enchant - Poison, Toxic, Blindness and Mending were all removed from /enchant.
:diamond: Tokens in Crates - We added the ability to win tokens in crates just like the other servers.
:diamond: Depth Strider - Depth Strider was added to /enchant
:diamond: Thorns - Thorns was removed from all armour items apart from chestplates in /enchant.

Important rule changes
:diamond: With the new update of Factions we have added a new rule. Any Faction who is caught using alt accounts to boost their power will have their whole Faction disbanded without any warning. Don't worry, you are still allowed to have your main account and your own alt account in your faction but if you are found to have multiple alt accounts that have no 'main' account attached to them then the faction they are in will be disbanded.