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This Factions season is already coming to an end and it is time to announce our seasonal event that comes with the reset of Factions.

Over the past few months Becto has been more popular than ever before and that calls for a better event than ever before.. we have made some huge changes to how the purge will work this season opposing to how it worked in the previous seasons, this time around it will be a more competitive event with a bit less chaos and a great reward for the winner.

This is how it will go down... the entire event will last for 1 hour, seperated in 4 stages:
The first 30 minutes all Faction claim protections will be disabled, meaning you can finally steal all those items from that large Faction you were never able to raid... or this could be the time for you to defend your beloved base to prevent others from getting your items! This will also be the time to get your best items from your base, because you can no longer access it later.
The next 15 minutes the world border will come closing in until it is around the spawn area.. it is not wise to die during this period because you might not be able to get new items from your base for the final fight. Spawn will be a safe area during this time.
The next 5 minutes will be a short pause... time for everyone to get together with their friends and factions to prepare for the final 10 minutes of the final hour! Teaming is allowed so be careful!
The final 10 minutes. This is the most important part of the event this season so pay attention. Exactly at the final 10 minutes mark PVP will be turned on everywhere, there are no places to hide! If you die during these last 10 minutes you will respawn in spectator gamemode meaning you can not get back into the fight, so be very careful on what you do. Nobody can join the server during these final 10 minutes.
The last man standing will win...

Most major change this patch notes is the Skyblock update, it has been completely reworked and now runs fully on 1.12.2 (latest version). For the best experience you should use the 1.12.2 client version when playing on Skyblock, PVP (combat) still works like it did in 1.8!

See all skyblock (&other) updates down below.


The winners of the Space building competition have been chosen. Watch the video below to find out who won!

Thank you to everyone for participating and congratulations to those who won!
If you didn't win this time, there will always be the next competition!

There will be no competition follow this one. Please keep an eye out for when we announce the next competition.

All winners will have their coupon mailed to them on the creative server soon.
The plots you have entered into this competition will open later today.

Thanks everyone for voting this month!
Here are the vote contest winners of this month, the winners received a webshop coupon mailed to them in the Factions server. The coupon can be used for a $20 discount. This coupon can only be used once and expires in one month.

:mc1: ItzMarc_ 169 votes
:mc2: 4DRBeast 163 votes
:mc3: mc_drew 162 votes
:mc4: Catherine1146 159 votes
:mc5: caseysmart 158 votes

The fourth building competition is starting.
This months theme is.. SPACE

To submit your build, stand on your plot and type /competition submit

The winners of the competition will receive the following rewards, in webshop coupons:
1st place $30
2nd place $25
3rd place $20
4th place $15
5th place $10

The competition is open until the 10th of September (which means the 10th is the last day to submit your build before it closes) and the winners are announced between the 11th and 15th of September.

Good luck to everyone entering the competition!