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Patch notes are back! I will try and keep everyone updated on the latest changes whenever I can. There's not much this time around, but there's definitely changes here that everyone should be informed about.

It sure has been a long time, huh? Not just for the last patch notes post, but the last Factions reset too!

Purge Winner: AaronByTheWae
Top Faction: Tyco, lead by LowkeyLokie

Here's everything that has changed this season:

Today we revamped almost all packages available on our webstore.

Pretty much every package on our store has gone down in price to make for a much more fair deal and very cheap / infrequently bought packages have been removed from our store to make the store less cluttered.

On top of this, there is also a sale running on the store!
Up to 60% off everything, check out today!

This Factions season is already coming to an end and it is time to announce our seasonal event that comes with the reset of Factions.

The purge this season will be the same as the purge last season, with some minor adjustments and improvements.

This is how it will go down... the entire event will last around one hour, separated in 4 stages:
  • The first 10 minutes all Faction claim protections will be disabled, meaning you can finally steal all those items from that large Faction you were never able to raid... or this could be the time for you to defend your beloved base to prevent others from getting your items! This will also be the time to get your best items from your base, because you can no longer access it later.
  • The next 30 minutes the world border will come closing in until it is around the spawn area.. it is not wise to die during this period because you might not be able to get new items from your base for the final fight. Spawn will be a safe area during this time.
  • The next 5 minutes will be a short pause... time for everyone to get together with their friends and factions to prepare for the final stage! Teaming is allowed so be careful!
  • The final stage will be the most important part of the event so pay attention. Exactly at the final stage mark PVP will be turned on everywhere, there are no places to hide! If you die during the final stage you will respawn in spectator gamemode meaning you can not get back into the fight, so be very careful on what you do. Nobody can join the server during the final stage.
The last man standing will win $250 (webshop coupon)
Any players stalling (not fighting) if they are the last people alive will be disqualified from the event.
A few things to note during the final hour
  • Teaming during the purge is allowed
  • mcMMO will be enabled but all abilities will be disabled
  • Throwing XP bottles...

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:mc1: Warrior356 175 votes
:mc2: _iBobby 174 votes
:mc3: xKazuro 156 votes
:mc4: Capopanzone 151 votes
:mc5: Superjeroen9091 150 votes