Vote for our server to help us out while receiving rewards in-game.

The top 5 voters of the month receive $20 webshop vouchers.



Custom enchants have finally been added to the Prison server, as well as some major changes to the webshop.. read all changes below.

I'm planning to add this enchanting system to all servers later..


The event and easter sale are now over!

Thank you for participating in the egg hunt during this easter! I hope you've all had fun looking for the eggs while the event was live.

Here are the winners of the event.. (your coupons will be sent as an in-game e-mail in the factions server.. we still don't have a better solution for this unfortunately)
Remember that you can only use a coupon one-time, so fill up your cart!

:mc1: xLexiee5813 5207 points (won $150)
:mc2: 4DRStorm 3304 points (won $125)
:mc3: schottler3 2027 points (won $100)
:mc4: Mahalouker 1506 points (won $75)
:mc5: FreedomWaffle 1458 points (won $50)

Hey everyone,

In celebration of easter this year we will hold Becto's first ever egg hunt!

Every few minutes an egg will spawn on a random location inside any of the servers spawn areas.. the whereabouts will be announced in the chat.
When you find an egg and pick it up you will earn some easter points, the players who have collected the most points at the end of the event will win the egg hunt and receive the following rewards in webshop coupons..

1st place $150
2nd place $125
3rd place $100
4th place $75
5th place $50
You can check your current easter egg score with /event points
And view the top points with /event top

The event will end at the night of April 16 (when sunday is over)

There is also an easter sale active on the webshop currently, save up to 60% by making a while the event is active! The sale will also end when the event ends.
Thanks everyone for voting this month!
Here are the vote contest winners of this month, the winners received a webshop coupon mailed to them in the Factions server. The coupon can be used for a $20 discount. This coupon can only be used once and expires in one month.

:mc1: schottler3 161 votes
:mc2: Meddi 160 votes
:mc3: Jetpuffed 158 votes
:mc4: Vesan 155 votes
:mc5: Allehsaur 151 votes
Hey everyone,

Thanks for playing on the prison beta. I think it went pretty well considering this is the first time I have ever released a prison server, I will now make some adjustments based on the beta and slowly release more improvements as I learn what works best while the server is running.

Here are some statistics collected during the beta.
  • 1530 players joined during the beta
    • 1103 players never ranked up (72.09%)
    • 146 players reached rank B (9.54%)
    • 128 players reached rank C (8.37%)
    • 49 players reached rank D (3.2%)
    • 49 players reached rank E (3.2%)
    • 32 players reached rank F (2.09%)
    • 6 players reached rank G (0.39%)
    • 7 players reached rank H (0.46%)
    • 5 players reached rank I (0.33%)
    • 3 players reached rank J (valuablestoner, silent_opacity, omnomnom) (0.2%)
    • 1 player reached rank K (freedomwaffle) (0.07%)
    • 1 player reached rank M (shieldd) (0.07%)
  • 4298 transactions were made in the /shop
    • 4196 items were bought in the shop (97.63%)
    • 102 items were sold in the shop (2.37%)
  • 237 transactions were made on Thursday (5.51%)
  • 922 transactions were made on Friday (21.45%)
  • 1376 transactions were made on Saturday (31.01%)
  • 1560 transactions were made on Sunday (36.3%)
  • 221 transactions were made on Monday (5.14%)
  • 872 transactions were made to buy exp bottles
  • 292 transactions were made to buy apples
  • 175 transactions were made to buy oak log
  • 155 transactions were made to buy diamond pickaxes
  • 96890 commands have been executed
    • /warp was executed 26203 times (27.04%)
    • sell all npc was used 13142 times (13.56%)
    • /spawn was executed 7775 times (8.02%)
    • /shop was executed 5160 times (5.33%)
    • /rankup was executed 4121...