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Hey everyone,

Thanks for participating to the purge event again! We have a great community which goes to show once again. This season will last for 180 days again, we are planning to make the next purge more competitive somehow.

Here is my image album of this purge:

Season 3 changes
New enchants
  • Plasma I - III - Like electrocute, but for diamond and leather armor. (Deals more damage.)
  • Agility I - III - Adds haste when holding a weapon.
  • Insulation I - III - Combats Plasma and Electrocute. (Makes them deal less damage.)

Faction wars

If you wish to have a fair fight against another Faction, you can now do so with a Faction war, There are two gamemodes available.. KOTH (King of the hill) and BLITZ:
  • KOTH (King of the hill)
    • The hill is marked with a beacon. It starts off as "Unclaimed". First player to get near it starts "Conquering" it for his team. If at any certain point of the conquer there are no players from that team nearby the conquer stops. After it's conquered it begins to give x points per second to the "king" team, regardless of whether they are nearby or not. If players from the other team get nearby, they start contesting the hill. If they succeed, the hill switches place and is set to "Unclaimed" again.
    • Each player starts with a configurable amount of lives. Each time they die they lose one, once they reach 0 they're out of the game. Last team with players alive wins.
To start a faction war against another faction (both of you need at least 3 players online) type /f war challenge <faction> (Type /f warp for help), Select the gamemode with the paper and click the players who should participate.
The enemy faction will have to accept the request, then you will all be teleported inside the arena and have the ability to select one of the 3 fair...

Hey everyone,

The Factions season is about to end, and to celebrate the reset we will be having the purge event again! For those who were not there at the last purge event (Season 1), I will be shortly explaining what will be going down..

Two hours before the server will reset, the event will start.
24 hours before the event starts, the server MOTD (in your server list) will show a countdown timer so you exactly know when the event is about to go down.
When the timer hits 0 and the event begins, the Factions server will restart and after the restart the following changes will be effective:
  • Factions claims will be disabled - so you can grief anyone.
  • Everyone online will receive $500,000 in-game money.
  • The world border will slowly come closer to the spawn for 90 minutes.
In the final 30 minutes the world border will be just around the spawn area, and the following will happen:
  • All spawn protection will be removed.
  • PvP will be allowed throughout the spawn area.
  • You will receive rare crate keys ocasionally.
  • Mobs such as ghasts and withers will be spawned.

After those final 30 minutes, the server will shut down to make room for a new, reset server.
The following will be reset:
  • The world map
  • Your inventory, enderchest, vanilla levels, set homes, money/balance and mcMMO levels
  • All Factions, claims, fhomes and everything else faction related
  • Auction house
You will not lose your points, server level or your friends list.

The exact date and time of the purge season 2 will be:
Sunday 29 January 2017, 4PM GMT
Find out what time this is in your timezone by clicking here.

I hope to see you all at the purge event!


Had a small 'break' from Minecraft but I'm back now and bringing you some great (long awaited) updates. This patch mostly includes KitPVP updates.

I would also like to mention that Soapiee is now a manager on Becto, she will be taking care of a lot of stuff I do not have the time for as well as staff applications and managing the staff team.

The Factions Purge Season 3 will be announced very soon, keep an eye on the website for that!
Season 3 on Factions will be the most amazing season yet with a lot of amazing additions and fixes.. if you have any suggestions yourself, please post them on the post made by Blu_Pinguino here.


Thanks everyone for voting this month!
A later post than usual, because of the busy times. Happy new year everyone!
Here are the vote contest winners of this month, the winners received a webshop coupon mailed to them in the Factions server. The coupon can be used for a $20 discount. This coupon can only be used once and expires in one month.

:mc1: Silent_Opacity 145 votes
:mc2: schottler3 143 votes
:mc3: GryffindorLab 132 votes
:mc4: Cureslime 129 votes
:mc5: young_boy135 129 votes

Thanks everyone for voting this month!
Here are the vote contest winners of this month, the winners received a webshop coupon mailed to them in the Factions server. The coupon can be used for a $20 discount. This coupon can only be used once and expires in one month.

:mc1: Makeb 171 votes
:mc2: Karsten45 155 votes
:mc3: GardeningGamer 149 votes
:mc4: Schottler3 149 votes
:mc5: Vesan 147 votes