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Hi all,

Just updating you on the date that has been decided upon for the upcoming Survival reset/update... it will be on Friday, March 20 (next week from this post).

Find all information here:
Hi all,

I will try to make a summary of how I plan on updating survival and allowing players to transfer stuff over to the new updated version of the server.

This post may be edited in the future to better outline the process.

Why will the server reset?
The Survival server uses a custom plugin that allows players to protect their regions called 'BlockProtect'. You put a sponge down to protect your region and you can change settings in that region to adjust it to your liking.

This plugin has had issues since it was rewritten for the large Survival update we had a few months back. Unfortunately this update brought a lot of issues with it that we discovered after the server had already been released.

To fix these issues the plugin would have to be completely re-made from scratch and by doing that all players would lose their regions. Because of this we have decided to reset the Survival server.

Since the Survival server has only recently been reset, we will allow players to bring over some of their favorite items to the server after the reset.

What will I lose?
You will lose all of the following (from the Survival server):
  • In-game money
  • mcMMO levels
  • Vanilla Minecraft experience levels
  • Items & Blocks you collected (unless you bring them)
  • Your old protection sponges

What can I bring? And how?
You can bring items and blocks to the new server.

Every player has received access to two vaults, you can access them by typing /pv 1 and /pv 2 in-game. Each vault has 54 slots giving you 108 slots in total.

You can also bring spawners, any spawner mined by a DIAMOND PICKAXE will drop to the floor. You do NOT need special spawner pickaxes during this transition period.

You are unable to bring your old protection sponges. (While in theory you could put them in your pv,...

Thanks everyone for voting this month!
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Hi all,

We have a completely rewritten version of the survival blockprotect plugin that fixes all issues with the plugin ready to go, there is a big issue we're facing right now though...
What should we do with the server to make the transition? We are unable to migrate the current regions to the new plugin so we would have to wipe all regions.

Do you guys think we should:
  • Start over the entire survival map (clean)
  • Just remove all current sponges and let players re-place them manually

Let me know how you guys feel about the situation.
Over the past few days i've been catching up some tickets and done some small patches and fixes around the server. If you found any issues feel free to report them below and I will look into fixing them.

On another note: there is still a 60% flat out sale going on at the store, and it will expire at the end of this month!

See you all on the server.