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Thanks everyone for voting this month!
Here are the vote contest winners of this month.

The winners have received 2000 gems that can be used to redeem a $20.00 gift-card using the /rewards menu, gift-cards can be used until the balance on them reaches $0.00.

:mc1: Natsuo_Lemon 159 votes
:mc2: Ralph12322 159 votes
:mc3: avadogcool 141 votes
:mc4: HyperLiability 140 votes
:mc5: househipster 135 votes
Hi all, this will just be a quick update regarding the release of our Survival server addressing the issues we ran into.

First of all I would like to apologize for the issues that were present during the release of the new server. We have been working on the server for a very long time and I really wanted to release it since it was finally finished.
We had previously ran beta testing sessions for the server and did not run into any issues. I then released the server just before I left on a holiday for 2 weeks. One day after the release I was already informed of heavy performance issues and issues with the protection sponges. I tried to combat those issues as best as I could but it took a lot more time than expected- the completely reworked Block Protect plugin was not prepared to handle that many regions at once which had a big impact on the performance.

Over the past few weeks we have been working hard to resolve all the issues and i'm glad to inform you that the performance is great right now, we've had 100 players online yesterday and everything was running very smoothly. There might still be some very small bugs but we're actively working to resolve all of them.

Thank you for being part of our community and I hope you are enjoying your time here. :)

You can report issues here:
You can contact staff for help here:

The winners of the Nature building competition have been selected! Please watch the video to find out who won:

All winners have received their prizes in-game, and entered plots have been reopened.

The ninth building competition is starting.
This time the theme is... FANTASY!

Want to participate?

Build your submission on a plot on the CREATIVE server.

To submit your build, stand on your plot and type /competition submit.

Keep in mind, you can only submit your plot ONCE for this competition- only submit it if you're completely satisfied with it. You will not be able to adjust your plot until the competition is over, if you've submitted it.

The competition is open until the 31st of August (which means the 31st is the last day to submit your build before it closes) and the winners will be announced on the 3rd of September.

Here are the prizes we will be awarding:

First place: $100
Second place: $75
Third place: $50
Fourth place: $25
Fifth place: $10

Keep in mind that these prizes will be rewarded in the form of gems that you can redeem for web-store gift cards. You can check your gems using /gems and redeem them using /rewards.

Good luck to everyone participating in the competition!

Thanks everyone for voting this month!
Here are the vote contest winners of this month.

The winners have received 2000 gems that can be used to redeem a $20.00 gift-card using the /rewards menu, gift-cards can be used until the balance on them reaches $0.00.

:mc1: Natsuo_Lemon 178 votes
:mc2: Honest_George 150 votes
:mc3: Capopanzone 149 votes
:mc4: shaqs_burritos 148 votes
:mc5: avadogcool 143 votes

Hello everyone, today we are pleased to announce the much desired, official update to Becto’s own Survival Server! Countless hours of preparation have been dedicated to ensuring new content, a balanced structure, and overall enjoyment.

Watch the video below for a short introduction and what you can expect.

This was a massive update that has been long in the making with so many changes both big and small that they are hard to summarize. But we will go over the most important updates or changes that you should know about.

This is a reworked version of our old Survival server which means that it will replace the current version of Survival. Your progress will be reset. The only things that do not reset is stuff that carries over globally, such as your rank, points and server level. The entire map and all of its contents will be reset, your inventory and enderchest will be wiped, you will lose your mcmmo levels, money, and all gained progress.

We understand that this may cause some level of frustration, but we believe it will be beneficial to Becto and its players in the long run to do a total wipe and update the economy that we have been utilizing in Survival, along with the concept of immersion.

If you have any questions regarding information that we didn't clarify, please feel free to reach out to any of our Becto Staff Team members, as they will assist you with those as best as they can.

Protection System

This update is bringing a complete rework of our classic Survival protection system. The new plugin was built from the ground up and we fixed all issues that players used to have, allowing for easier management of your protected areas, but also more advanced options and settings for your regions.

  • The new plugin allows you to use two different types of protection areas; Small areas and large areas. A small (sponge) region counts...