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Hey everyone,

Thank you for participating in The Purge event, It was a lot of fun!
I have created an imgur album with images of The Purge, Look through it - you might find yourself:

So in the next season of Becto Factions, a few things have been changed..
  • Obsidian Destroyer was added, obsidian now breaks in about 15 hits, but slowly regenerates durability again after being hit.
  • The teleport warmup has been removed, You can not teleport while in combat with players though, CombatLog prevents it.
  • Redeemable vouchers have been added, You can claim money and mcmmo from crates by right-clicking the item.
  • Crates have been revamped and an Epic crate has been added. Keys can only be obtained from the webstore.
  • Prices of spawners have been reduced in the server shop.
  • Invader & up can now use /fly in the spawn area and in their own Faction claims.
  • The custom level enderchest has been removed and god now has access to /enderchest
  • A /wilderness command has been added for ease of use, It randomly teleports you in the world.
  • You can now directly warp and claim kits with /warp <name> and /kit <name>, The GUI will still open with /warp or /kit
  • You can now claim land in the Nether and place mob spawners in the Nether.
See you all at the next purge, The Factions seasons will last for 180 days, A count of the season days left will be added as a header on the tab menu very soon.

Hey everyone,

It's time to introduce the first seasonal event on Becto.
This event will be based around the Factions server and is held to celebrate the upcoming reset - It will be called 'The Purge' and we will try to make this event happen every time the Factions server will reset.

The event will start two hours before the Factions server is going to be reset.
24 hours before the event starts you will see a countdown timer on the server MOTD (In your server list).
And just before the event starts the server will be restarted once.
All of the following will be changed after the restart:
  • The Factions plugin will be disabled, So claims will be gone.
  • The world border will slowly come closer for 90 minutes.
In the final 30 minutes of the event, the world border will be around the spawn and the following will happen:
  • All spawn protection will be removed
  • PVP will be allowed everywhere at spawn
  • Rare crate keys will be spawned ocasionally

In the final 30 minutes, it will be chaos on the spawn area and when the 30 minutes are over, The server will shut down to make room for a new, freshly reset world.
The following will be reset:
  • The world map
  • Your inventory, enderchest, XP levels, set homes, money/balance and mcMMO levels
  • All Factions, Faction claims, Faction homes and everything faction related
  • Auction house
The following will not be reset, and will never be reset:
  • Your points
  • Your server level (/level)
  • Your friends
  • Anything not in the Factions server

The exact date and time of The Purge event will be:
Saturday 9 July 2016, 4 PM GMT
Find out what time this is in your timezone by clicking...

Thanks everyone for voting this month!
Here are the vote contest winners of this month, The winners have received an in-game (In Hub1) email with a webshop coupon they can use for a $20 discount, This coupon can only be used once and expires in one month.

:mc1: NastyDeath 125 votes
:mc2: Thiaguiinho 122 votes
:mc3: Slacker 119 votes
:mc4: Vesan 114 votes
:mc5: InfamousBacon 114 votes


Note: This is a Kit PVP update.